STEM in English – Young Engineers

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All sorts of things can happen when you are open to new ideas and playing around with things.

Stephanie Kwolek

The educational program “STEM in English (Juniors)” aims to introduce children aged 6-8 years to the fascinating world of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics)!
Through fun, group-based projects and activities that are designed to boost a child’s imagination and inventiveness, the young explorers have the chance to observe the environment around them and make use of their curiosity skills to identify what is going on in nature, how something works or what a device is.
Moreover, they develop and create innovative solutions to problems, think deeply, work collaboratively and communicate their results.

Building simple models, students can experiment with the 7 simple machines (gears, pulleys, levers, inclined plane, wheel and axle, wedge and screw) and discover how simple machines help us in our daily lives and how they evolved through historical contexts.
Experiential learning offers children an entertaining and playful way to accelerate and retain knowledge, while encouraging them to explore their creativity, various abilities and interests.

Purpose of the program

The purpose of the program is for children to get acquainted with basic building techniques, simple mechanisms and motion, which is not taught in public education. We also aim to develop skills in problem solving and team spirit.

Program info

  • Age: 6-8 years old
  • Number of activities: 30
  • Duration of activity: 90′
  • Students per classroom: 16

Interdisciplinary topics

  • Science: Friction, Energy traformation, Velocity, Force, Newton’s laws
  • Technology: Simple Machines, Motion, Mechanisms
  • Engineering: Problem SolvingMechanical Advantage, Building Techniques
  • Mathematics: Numbers, Motives, Calculations, Geometry


Chapter 1: World of Engineering

Chapter 2: Building Techniques

Chapter 3: Gear

Chapter4: Wheel and Axle

Chapter 5: Lever

Chapter 6: Pulley

Chapter 7: Team Project

Chapter 8: Open Projects

Lesson tags: Engineering, STEM in English

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