Young Engineers


Preschool The program includes the introduction to the basic concepts of Physics (mainly engineering), which are necessary for a better understanding of the principles and phenomena associated with the construction of the program of the Future Engineering.

Simple And Powered Machines


2nd, 3rd Primary The program equips your students to think like engineers and to build complex machines in the direction of solving problems in the service of man.

Advanced WeDo Scratch


3rd, 4th Grade By attending the elementary education robotics seminar, educators will get to know the physics and mathematics behind the construction of a robotic model, the various methods of transmission, but also the basic programming commands in the MIT Scratch 2.0 environment.

Advanced SPIKE Prime

5th, 6th Grade, High School STEM Education offers a teacher initiation program in the world of educational robotics! The aim of the program is the exciting learning of physics, technology, mathematics and engineering (S.T.E.M.), practically without theories and unnecessary terminology and methods of analysis and problem solving.