Hit the target

1st grade The catapult is an ancient tool that has been passed down to us. Which is the narrative of how it came to be such a significant and useful tool for them. persons from the era?


6th grade In this educational program, students using the principles and knowledge of electromagnetism, will build their own motor using simple building materials and magnets. With small corrections in the distance of the magnets and the magnetic "trap", they will try to achieve the maximum rotation possible.

It’s very windy today!

3rd grade In this expedition, we will look at the concept of wind. How is it formed, what does the term "intensity" mean, how is its speed estimated, and what measurement devices are available?

My first circuit

1st - 3rd grade Students will discover how a circuit is built! Batteries, connections, lights, switches, and motors are all included. They will investigate how the light bulb is impacted to illuminate more or less brilliantly, where the switch is located, and what they do with the engine.

Constructing a hydraulic press

1st - 3rd grade Students construct a lifting platform and learn how a hydraulic press works using simple materials. Students will learn how a hydraulic press works and what it is used for through exciting, age-appropriate activities.

The secrets of the engineer

3rd grade What is the purpose of a gearbox in a car? Why is its function so critical? Let us convert into little engineers and begin our adventure!

Who is pushing the car?

2nd grade Are you ready to construct a car that is unlike the ones we see around us? A car that, in order to move, will require... a pendulum!

Land sailing ship

1st grade Is the wind really that powerful? And if it does, why aren't all vehicles powered by wind?

Light and noise pollution study with planning

2nd' year high school This program provides students with an invaluable educational experience by introducing them to the world of measurements and the theory behind measuring noise and light pollution.


2nd year High School Propellers are an inconvenient way to move a car. Using the accuracy of the BBC micro:bit platform sensors as a springboard for their research, participants will experientially explore the concepts of couple forces as they are asked to describe how it is pushed, as well as describe one of the most fundamental quantities in kinematics, instantaneous velocity.