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(***The number of entries equals the number of teams you wish to enter. Lately you will need to upload the parental consent form and add it to your form completed, one for each student.)

Subject: Mediterranean: Source of Life and Culture

The Mediterranean is an intercontinental sea, an extension of the Atlantic Ocean. It separates Europe from Africa, with its borders extending from Spain to Turkey on one side and from Morocco to Lebanon on the other.

Covering 2,510,000 square kilometers and including over 10,000 islands, it is home to more than 15,000,000 people. Its name was first used in the 3rd century by the Latins, specifically Solinus, who aptly named it “Mare Mediterraneum,” meaning the sea between two continents. As for the Greek term “Mediterranean,” it comes from the geographer-bishop of Athens, Meletius II.

Characteristic of the Mediterranean is its deep blue color, attributed to the lack of plant growth due to the scarcity of nutrients. However, this deprivation does not imply a lack of biodiversity, as over 12,000 species inhabit its waters, one-third of which are endemic, such as the loggerhead sea turtle and the Mediterranean monk seal.

It is not unjustly called the “cradle of Western civilization,” as due to cultural exchanges facilitated by trade, some of the greatest civilizations developed along its shores. Thus, both the arts and sciences flourished, including astronomy and mathematics.

Even today, the Mediterranean remains an integral part of global trade, shipping, and, of course, tourism. Therefore, it is imperative to find ways to protect it.

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It has been ten years since hundreds of students from all over the country responded to our call and took part in the 1st National STEM Contest on the theme “My Town.”

This year the theme of the competition is “Mediterranean Sea: Source of Life and Culture,” a tribute to the culture and study of the sea that surrounds us with the aim of the student community becoming the guardian of the purity of the Mediterranean.

Over the course of ten years until today, the competition has grown in size, with the result that first the contestants take part in the headquarters of each geographical region of our country, and then those who qualify take part in the Panhellenic competition.

The most important elements of the competition are:

The path to the competition. Teams have six months to prepare and present their projects based on the competition theme
How students form teams, the role of the mentor coach, the role of parents and managing their time
The training of the teams and especially the coaches is completely free.
The analysis of the topic of the competition, the exchange of opinions, the management of the sources to deepen the topic, the decision of the group and finally the implementation of the idea of the group with the assumption of roles and tasks by each member of the group
The exchange of knowledge from teachers to teachers is completely free of charge in a perpetual cycle from competition to competition.

It is a unique way for young students to understand science, programming, and automation, learn to think like engineers, develop their ability to solve problems, and expand their creativity, making them social and active citizens. Ultimately, the participants and especially the students will gain confidence through knowledge.

The competition lays the groundwork by focusing on a single theme that allows students of all ages to understand important chapters of physics, mathematics, and engineering, such as:
● The introduction of simple machines
● The introduction of measurements in Primary.

After ten years of active participation in the educational community, this endeavour has culminated in the greatest student event, which effectively complements the comprehensive curriculum. incorporates STEM methodologies into the educational processuses and promotes information throughout our country

With the active support of our strategic partner COSMOTE, we have equipped dozens of primary schools and trained hundreds of teachers for free, a unique event in our country.

The National  Contest supports STEM as a methodology for compulsory education and defines the ways in which students will acquire the skills of the 21st century. By participating in the competition, the educational community, from kindergarten to high school, is invited to respond to the convergence of Greece with technologically developed countries, a fact that is certified by the quality of the works of hundreds of students from all over the country.

Ioannis Somalakidis

At the same time, as part of the National STEM Contest, free training seminars will be held for the coaches of the teams that will participate in the competition. The educational seminars will be held remotely


The National STEM Contest is open to students from all academic levels throughout Greece. Different educational goals are established for each level, resulting in distinct competition categories and standards.



(Open Category)


“Mediterranean Sea Source of Life and Culture” | High school category


Parallel category Football 2×2


Beginners – Advanced

Ages 10-16

The main goal of this year’s challenge is to integrate abstract scientific information with students’ daily lives while also emphasising the necessity of engineering concepts in modern living. It is also necessary to comprehend the historical development of this way of life as well as the significance of the advent of rudimentary machines in this process. The aforementioned is intended to be accomplished by emphasising the connections between abstract scientific notions such as “force”, “motion”, “friction”, and “pressure” and the operating principles of simple devices and people’s desire to make their lives easier.

The physics underpinning several of the six simple devices included in the challenge (wedge, inclined plane, lever, wheel, and pulley) were quantified by the Greek philosopher Archimedes (ca. 287-212 BC). When used and combined, these machines can provide people with an even greater mechanical advantage, as in the case of a bicycle or an automobile.

Mediterranean: source of life and culture |Regular Category, Beginners – Advanced


«Μεσόγειος θάλασσα Πηγή Ζωής και Πολιτισμού» | Kατηγορία Γυμνασίου 

“Light Pollution” | JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL



(Ανοικτή κατηγορία)

Registration Form

(***The number of entries equals the number of teams you wish to enter. Lately you will need to upload the parental consent form and add it to your form completed, one for each student.)

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Deadline for submission is February 29, 2024

The webinars will be held remotely via the Microsoft Teams platform.

A participation certificate will also be given, and the event is, of course, free.