Advanced WeDo Scratch

STEM Education offers a program to introduce primary teachers to the world of educational robotics!

By attending the Advanced WeDo Scratch, educators will learn about the physics and math behind the construction of a robotic model, the various drive methods, and the basic programming commands in the MIT Scratch 2.0 environment. Using LEGO Education WeDo 2.0, all participants will have the opportunity to build and program robotic models and experience an interactive experience on modern training methods. The program is aimed at Primary school teachers.

Educational benefits:

Your students will learn about automation, in which no humans are no longer necessary for a robot to perform a process. By using robotics as a tool, students will understand topics of physics, technology, mathematics, and engineering (S.T.E.M.), interactively without theories and unnecessary terminology. Simultaneously, they will have the opportunity to develop skills of ingenuity, algorithmic & programming pattern by acting with team spirit.

Program Info

  • Number of courses: 5 (3 hours each)
  • Duration: 15 hours
  • Price: 250€ (50% Discount to school teaching staff )
  • Starting date: October 2021

For information and registration call 2106010162 and at [email protected]

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