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Επισκέψεις σχολείων πρωτοβάθμιας και δευτεροβάθμιας εκπαίδευσης

In order to give more students the opportunity to get in touch with STEM and educational robotics, STEM Education organizes educational workshops for primary and high school students.

Why should my school participate in STEM Education's workshops?

Because only in STEM Education students experience a truly interactive hands-on experience in which they engage creatively and shape the images they draw from their everyday life.

Because participation in STEM laboratories contributes to the cultivation of laboratory culture, children perform scientific experiments under the supervision of STEM Education teachers.

Because pupils become members of a globalized environment by gaining access to educational content taught to children in the world’s most developed countries.

Because STEM Education has created original educational programs for all levels of teaching the concept of Engineering, starting from simple machines, which is not taught anywhere else.

Because STEM for us is a training methodology, a continuous journey of experiential knowledge that does not only concern educational robotics. To get a child to deal with educational robotics we first have to approach the basic concepts of mechanisms including gears, axles, pulleys.

Because the core of STEM’s philosophy is experiential learning with specialized educational material. STEM Education workshops use selected and certified educational material from top companies.

Because we have created a chain of programs from Kindergarten to High school. Each program is especially designed for the targeted group of age.

Because as WRO Hellas’ scientific advisor and as we are responsible for designing content for the educational robotics competitions, we are the most suitable to inform the country’s schools about them. A school that intends to participate in educational robotics competitions will receive information about the competition during a school visit to STEM Education.

Because school visits have in many cases worked as a starting point for a future co-operation with schools, which integrated STEM activities into their educational function.

Because a collaboration with STEM Education can be the beginning of an attempt to introduce teachers in the STEM philosophy.

STEM Education designs and implements educational programs to help students of all ages become familiar with the innovative STEM educational approach. Allied with the entire educational community, we provide children with the skills necessary to meet the requirements of the 21st century, such as solving complex problems, harmonic co-operation and cognitive versatility.

We invite you to discover STEM and offer your students the opportunity to love Science, Mathematics and the magic of Modern Technology. A unique hands-on experience that transforms knowledge into fun!

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Educational Robotics Contests

Engineering | Elementary, High School
Educational robotics is extremely popular with all students, mainly because of WROHellas competitions. STEM Education offers students a unique opportunity to get to know the magic of robotics competitions and learn the secrets from the contest’s own scientific collaborators.

Lilipoutian Engineers Visits

Engineering | Preschool
Lilipoutian Engineers is designed for Kindergarten students. The children make their first steps in the world of science, technology and engineering. They will be divided into groups and then they will watch a video about 5 minutes on the operation of mechanisms, with reference to real machines such as the windmill.

My first Algorithm

Coding | Preschool
Education offers preschool children the opportunity to create their first algorithms! With this new program, we wish to set a strong foundation from an early age into understanding coding concepts through experiential activities that will give children the motivation to learn more and more.

A trip to Mechanisms and Da Vinci

Engineering | Elementary
A trip to Mechanisms and Da Vinci is designed for elementary school students and enables them to be transformed into small engineers. The children will watch a short video with Da Vinci mechanical constructions and operating principles.

Art, Math, Science and Technology

Mathematics | Elementary, High School
Art, Math, Science and Technology is a path to the foundations of scientific thinking, a search for the interconnection of Science, Art and Mathematics. This takes place through activities that arise from interacting with interactive exhibits of popularization and understanding of scientific thought, as well as selected works of art.

From steam to Solar panels

Engineering | High School
Since ancient times, man’s effort was towards finding energy sources that would replace human work in his attempt to go from manual labor to machinery.

Junior Engineer Academy

Engineering | High school

In a unique construction and programming experience, students will deal with modern building materials, microcontrollers and sensors. The program is specially designed to urge young people to pursue a career related to the fields of modern technology.

Detective C.S.I.

Science | High school

In Detective C.S.I. the class will work like modern investigators in forensic laboratories. Students will learn the basic principles of forensic research based mainly on physics, chemistry and biology.

They will be asked to investigate a mystery case using a combination of forensic tools and techniques such as collecting and analyzing fibers, hair, collecting and identifying fingerprints, analyzing blood types, etc.


  • Spots

Katechaki 52 (Elementary)

– Aghia Paraskevi, Stratigou Marouli 7 (Preschool, Elementary, High school)

– Kifisia, Kifisias 210 (Preschool, Elementary)

  • Time zones: 09:30-11:00 or 11:30-13:00 (adaptable)
  • Available all week days
  • Duration: 90′
  • Cost: 4 € per person
  • Parking spot available