Simple And Powered Machines


The educational program “Simple And Powered Machines” is a continuation of the program “Simple Machines”. Armed with the right supplies your students are ready to face any problem. The right structure of a construction, the transmission of motion and the mechanical advantage are now familiar concepts.

The next step is to apply our knowledge, get to know the energy sources and get deeper in electrical motion.

We enter in the world of programming by replacing the battery switch with a tilt sensor. With the use of tablet we give instructions to our construction to perform specific actions and with the use of sensors we can build our first automations, so that our construction reacts to stimuli from the environment.

Educational benefits:

The purpose of the “Simple And Powered Machines” program is to further acquaint students with the building blocks and construction techniques of a model and to engage in the design of complex mechanisms.

Program info

  • Number of courses: 4 (3 for each)
  • Duration: 180
  • Price: 200€ (50% Discount to school teaching staff )
  • Starting date: October 2021

For information and registration call 2106010162 and at [email protected]

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Interdisciplinary Knowledge

  • Physics: Friction, Energy Conversions, Speed, Power, Laws of Engineering
  • Technology: Simple Machines, Transmission, Modern Mechanisms
  • Engineering: Mechanical Advantage, Staticness – Construction, Problem Solving
  • Mathematics: Simple Operations, Numbering, Patterns, Geometry


Module 1: Simple Machines

Module 2: Electric motion

Module 3: Introduction to programming

Module 4: Introduction to automation

Module 5: Open project

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