Young Engineers

Διδάσκω τους Λιλιπούτειους Μηχανικούς

The program includes the introduction to the basic concepts of Physics (mainly engineering), which are necessary for a better understanding of all the principles and phenomena associated with the construction of the program of Youngster Engineers .

The educational program “I am preparing Youngster Engineers” is designed for Kindergarten students (4 and 5 years old). Children take their first steps in the world of Science, Technology and Engineering.

Through playful activities, your students explore concepts and phenomena from the world around them, creating one or more constructions at a time. Through the unique stories that enrich each activity and keep their interest undiminished, the little engineers are called to look for solutions to specific problems.

The educational material of the LEGO DUPLO Education that is used, is the most suitable for the age of the children as it consists of large pieces that are easy to handle by the small hands of our children. In combination with the relevant audiovisual material and the specially designed worksheets, children are encouraged to make observations, verify their predictions and draw conclusions.

Through experiential activities with materials familiar to them, children acquire knowledge in a fun way, adapted to their age so that they love the sciences and acquire a positive attitude towards them in their later school life.

Scientific supervision of the program by Mrs. Christina Kalamboki, Physicist, Product Manager in commercial companies.

Program Goal

The purpose of the program “I am preparing Youngster Engineers” is to explain the natural phenomena during the program, as well as to guide the investigation in each activity, which is closely related to the STEM process.

Program Info

  • Number of courses: 4 (3 hours each) 
  • Duration: 12 hours
  • Price: 200€ (50% Discount to school teaching staff )
  • Starting date: October 2021

For information and registration call 2106010162 and at [email protected]

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            Interdisciplinary Knowledge:

    • Physics:Friction, Speed, Power, Energy
    • Technology:Simple Machines, Motion Transmission
    • Engineering:Construction, Problem Solving, Design of construction solutions
    • Mathematics:Numbering, Patterns, Measurements


Module 1: Buildings

Module 2: Nature

Module 3: Wind

Module 4: Games

Module 5: Gears

Module 6: Distance

Module 7: Wheels and axles

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