STEM Educational Programs & Educational Robotics

Teacher Training in STEM & Educational Robotics Programs by STEM Education Olympiad Coaches

STEM Education provides STEM education programs for teachers at all levels as well as adults who wish to become members of the knowledge society.

Educational robotics educational programs are conducted by educators who have been distinguished in the largest global educational robotics event: the World Robot Olympiad™.

STEM Education is trusted by the largest private schools to train and educate their teachers in STEM methodology.

Discounts apply to all Teacher Training Programs: :

  • Unemployed teachers: -50%
  • Group registrations: -30%
  • Working teachers: -15%

Lilliputian Engineers

The program includes the introduction to the basic concepts of Physics (mainly engineering), which are necessary for a better understanding of all the principles and phenomena associated with the constructions of the Future Engineers program.

Kids First Coding

Primary School & 1st – 2nd Grade
This new program provides teachers with everything they need to help students master early programming concepts in an experiential way. Motivate your students to develop algorithmic thinking, collaborative spirit and intrinsic motivation to learn!

Programming Logic and Engineering

1st – 2nd -3rd Grade
A program for the first grades of primary school, created to provide teachers with the tools to introduce mathematics, physics and programming logic concepts in the classroom through engineering and robotics.

Educational Robotics – Primary School

3rd -4th -5th -6th Grade
During the program you will get to know the world of educational robotics! Educational activities include the construction and programming of automation, measuring systems and autonomous robotic systems.

STEM Robotics

5th -6th Grade
This educational program is a complete solution for introducing educational robotics into your classroom! Your students will learn to build and program robots that will solve real life problems.