STEM Educational Programs & Educational Robotics

Teacher Training in STEM Programs & Educational Robotics by Olympic Coaches of STEM Education

STEM Education conducts training of teachers of all Grades in STEM programs who wish to learn and teach STEM and Educational Robotics.
The Educational Programs are conducted by Olympian Educators who have distinguished themselves in the largest World Event: The World Robot Olympiad™.
STEM Education is trusted by the largest Private Schools for the education and training of their teachers in the STEM methodology.

Discounts apply to all Teacher Training Programs:

  • Unemployed teachers: -50%
  • Group registrations: -30%
  • Working teachers: -15%

Lilliputian Scientists

This program is designed for preschool educators who wish to integrate Physical Sciences into their classroom, experiment and explore learning with children.


In this educational program, you'll become familiar with the use and programming of BeeBot. Beebot is one of the most...

Educational Robotics – Primary School

3rd -4th -5th -6th Grade
During the program you will get to know the world of educational robotics! Educational activities include the construction and programming of automation, measuring systems and autonomous robotic systems.