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Educational programs for Teachers (Public | Private education | Training tutorials) and Coaches from Olympians and Lego Education Teachers

The revolution of Information and consequently of Knowledge, is one of the most important milestones in the history of mankind, after the discovery of writing and typography. From antiquity, man has been building machines, to multiply his muscular strength, to set up the technical civilization that has changed the world so much. Today more than ever before the knowledge offered is required to be provided by those trained in STEM philosophy.

STEM Education conducts STEM training programs for Teachers of all Levels (employees or not) who wish to learn and teach STEM and Educational Robotics. The Training Programs are conducted by Olympic Instructors who have excelled in the largest Global Robotics Training Event: The World Robot Olympiad ™.


The LEGO® Education Academy training seminars from Exploratory Learning, enable every teacher to succeed using the solutions we suggest for the classroom. To ensure this, we provide face-to-face training, service in Greece and Cyprus and free online resources for support.

Through LEGO® Education Academy you learn the educational value of LEGO® Education products, you fulfill and serve your educational and pedagogical goals. We give you the opportunity to understand their educational value and apply it in the classroom and to your students.


I am preparing Youngster Engineers

The program includes the introduction to the basic concepts of Physics (mainly engineering), which are necessary for a better understanding of the principles and phenomena associated with the construction of the program of the Future Engineering.

Simple And Powered Machines

2nd, 3rd Primary
The program equips your students to think like engineers and to build complex machines in the direction of solving problems in the service of man.

Advanced WeDo Scratch

3rd, 4th Grade
By attending the elementary education robotics seminar, educators will get to know the physics and mathematics behind the construction of a robotic model, the various methods of transmission, but also the basic programming commands in the MIT Scratch 2.0 environment.

Advanced SPIKE Prime

5th, 6th Grade, High School
STEM Education offers a teacher initiation program in the world of educational robotics! The aim of the program is the exciting learning of physics, technology, mathematics and engineering (S.T.E.M.), practically without theories and unnecessary terminology and methods of analysis and problem solving.


What is Algorithms? I illustrate Stories

Seminars on the introduction of programming in preschool. We provide preschool teachers with the necessary tools to help children gain a solid foundation from a very young age in understanding programming concepts through experiential activities.

Microbit -Scratch

5th, 6th Grade & High School
The educational program Introduction to Microbit -Scratch is designed for Primary & High School students, based on the STEM methodology. Your students will be taught basic principles of physics and electronics that sensors use to communicate with the physical world.

Microbit με MicroPython

High School
In this program program with Python (MuEditor-MicroPython) real sensors via a microcontroller – pocket BBC micro:bit.