Scratch advanced

With Scratch 3 you can create a whole new digital world! Students can learn programming, animation, video games and virtual automation.

Scratch for beginners!

Let's code and play! With Scratch Jr we can design incredible characters and have them star in our own, fantastic stories!

Python coding

Python is the language of the future! Python is designed to be easy to understand and fun to use and because of its simplicity, it helps us comprehend in depth the mechanisms of coding.

Let’s Scratch!

Let's Scratch! is designed to provide advanced programming knowledge to students in the last grades of elementary school.

Tinkercard coding Arduino

Students will learn the basics of Arduino microprocessors, become familiar with electronic sensors and actuators, and will learn the technology applications used in our daily lives.

Micro:bit coding

Do you wish to learn how to operate microcontrollers, and make the most of their capabilities? Do you love programming? Then the new Micro: bit coding program of stem @ home action is for you!