STEM online seminars for Educators

STEM Education conducts STEM training programs for teachers of all levels and adults who wish to become members of the knowledge society.

Educational robotics training programs are conducted by educators who havedistinguished in the world’s largest educational robotics event: The World Robot Olympiad

Our goal is to offer to the educational community educational content and new educational tools. We would like for those who attend STEM seminars to become STEM Education ambassadors in the educational community.

Certificate is given to those who attend the entire seminar of their choice.

The total duration of each Program is 12 hours

Select the seminar that you are interested in and see more information

Science with Beebot

Price: 80€

In this educational program, you’ll become familiar with the use and programming of BeeBot. Beebot is one of the most widely used programmable games, based on the programming principles of the Logo language.

Scratch Jr

Price: 80€

Preschool age – Elementary

Take the opportunity now to offer your students the knowledge of the 21st century. They will use Scratch Jr. to codify their own interactive stories, cartoons and games.


Price: €100

High school

Would you like to teach Python to your students and don’t know where to start?Then this is the right program for you! It finds applications everywhere: on the web, in automation, in robotics, in gaming, in data science.

Scratch & Micro:bit

Price: €100

Primary school

Requires possession of training equipment.
If you don’t have one, you can get the equipment for €25.

With the Scratch & Micro:bit training program, enrich your knowledge and familiarize yourself with the Micro:bit microcontroller. These two tools offer you unlimited possibilities for teaching Elementary Mathematics and Physics.