Advanced SPIKE Prime

Advanced SPIKE Prime is a brand new way to push students into STEAM and educational robotics, helping them develop their confidence through knowledge.

Your students 11-15 year olds will learn about STEAM and educational robotics, building and programming fun robots and smart devices! SPIKE Prime enhances the development of students’ critical thinking as well as the solution of complex problems through a fun process where they learn through play.

Εxploring data does not have to be boring. With Advanced Spike Prime you will represent data in new fun and imaginative ways!

Students will explore topics such as:

  • Synchronization
  • Variables and functions
  • Qualitative and quantitative data on weather conditions
  • Tables

By completing the program, participants will incorporate all of these concepts into the design of a personal trainer to help them access information more quickly.

Finally, your students who will be trained in SPIKE will have the opportunity to take part in the educational robotics competition either in the pilot regular category or in the open category.

For the first time students and teachers will be involved in topics such as

Kickstart a Business

The module focuses on the development of computational thinking in the Informatics course.

Invention Squad

The Invention Squad section is oriented towards the engineering process.

Life Hacks

The module focuses on data representation and management in the Informatics course.

Competition Ready

In the Competition Ready section, students will be introduced to the World Robotics final as they will gradually learn the basic stages of building and programming autonomous robots.

Program Info

  • Number of courses: 5 (3 hours each)
  • Duration: 15 ώρες
  • Price: 250€ (50% Discount to school teaching staff )
  • Starting date: October 2021

For information and registration call 2106010162 and at [email protected]

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