Lilipoutian Engineers


Engineering | Preschool Lilipoutian Engineers is designed for Kindergarten students (4 and 5 years old). Children take their first steps in the world of science, technology and engineering.

Spike Prime (January 2020)

Engineering | Elementary, High School LEGO® Education SPIKE ™ Prime is the all-new way to get students into STEAM and educational robotics, helping them develop their self-esteem. Students aged 11-15 build and program fun robots and smart devices! SPIKE Prime enhances the development of students' critical thinking as well as solving complex problems through a fun process where they learn through playing.

Young Engineers

Νέοι Μηχανικοί

Engineering | Elementary Young Engineers is designed for early primary school pupils and enables them to be transformed into small scientists. By watching the world around them, children learn to wonder what’s going on in nature, how something works or what a device does.

Introduction to Automation

Engineering | Elementary Introduction to Automation is designed for elementary students where, through teamwork around the construction of a robotic model, children live an exciting and entertaining experience that they do not want to end! Each construction follows a "code" that is the product of the students' computational thinking and is realized in the digital environment of MIT Scratch 2.0. The whole creating process is done with the LEGO WEDO 2.0.

Junior Engineering Academy

Engineering | High School This program is a product of the collaboration of the non-profit organization STEM Education and the Junior Engineer Academy network. The program covers a variety of modern technology chapters, including engineering, electronics, computer science and 3D object design.

Educational Robotics

Εκπαιδευτική Ρομποτική Δημοτικού με LEGO Mindstorms

Engineering | High School Educational Robotics is designed for high school students. Engaging in group activity, building a functionally autonomous and complex robot helps them to release their creative power and at the same time to empirically understand the concepts hidden behind Physics in an exciting way.

STEM in Action!

STEM in Action!

Engineering | Elementary STEM in Action! is a continuation of the "Young Engineers" program. Armed with the appropriate equipment, the small engineers are ready to deal with any problem. The right structure of a constraction, motion and mechanical advantage are now familiar topics.

I wanna be Engineer

Engineering | Elementary Following the Young Engineers program, we give children the opportunity to apply their knowledge and explore the world of engineering. With original constructions that surround complex mechanisms, we find applications of simple machines in our everyday life and we are looking for solutions to specific problems.