National Final 2023




For lost items found at the Competition site at the College of Athens, you can contact the HEADLINE company, contact phone number: 2102711128.

***Certificates of participation and special prizes not received will be emailed to team coaches.



Sunday 26/03/2023 : All categories

Venue: Athens College


  • All robots at the start of the Competition will be assembled.
  • Each team makes sure to have 1 power outlet and batteries with them if their project requires it.
  • Snacks and drinks are only allowed during the break.
  • During the competition children are PROHIBITED to come to
  • communication in any form with the team coach. Only
    during the break they are allowed to be outside the field of play
    with the coach and to be given instructions and relevant help.
  • The movement of students to and from the competition venue is the responsibility of their parents and guardians.
  • The judges have the right to question the team about the construction or the program.
  • In case of delay of a group there is no cancellation.

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The coaches, as responsible for the declaration of the “presence” of their teams at the registration, are requested to know in advance the unique codes assigned to their teams.


Saturday 28/5/2022


Sunday 29/5/2022


Access Instructions to the venue

Access by train:

By changing from SKA station to bus line 504 or 740

Indicative Route from SKA Station:

Access by bus:

You take line 504 Thrakomakedones – Sid. St. Dekelias – Kifisia or the line 740 OLYMP. VILLAGE – SKA – ACHARNAI – AG. ANNA, which stops outside the Olympic Village.


Indicative routes by car:

Indicative route for access from Athens International Airport via Attica Road (tolls):

Indicative route for access from the port of Piraeus:

See here for other routes.