STEAM World: Power-it


“Travel through construction in the world of Technology, Science, Mathematics and Art.”

he TechCard STEΑM program has already been introduced in the 3rd & 4th grade’s curriculum of Arsakeia – Tositseia Schools. Moreover, Deutsche Schule Athen (German School of Athens) carries out a construction training program with TechCard in various technology groups.
TechCard has been created specifically for teaching Design Technology in Primary Schools and is also increasingly used to
investigate key elements of the Architecture, Science and Maths curriculums. TechCard is also an ideal resource for STEAM projects and learning. The idea is to use simple materials to create working models that let children discover and investigate important principles in a hands-on way. Learning through construction, experimentation and play makes learning both fun and memorable. TechCard technology has been used in schools around the world for 20 years and has now been completely revised to make it even more relevant to today’s teaching needs.
The forces make things happen! A rolling ball, a lift, a rocket. Everything needs strength to move. A force triggers an action and there is always a reaction. By constructing mechanical models that work with the force of the air, students try to control the forces created by the movement of the air, list and examine the forces they encounter in their lives, as well as their effects.

  • Windmill
  • Car with balloon
  • Elevator
  • Pneumatic lift
  • Pneumatic dump truck
  • Pneumatic Robotic Arm
  • Car with sail
  • Air Powered Fairground Ride
  • Turbine
  • Racing car with balloon (ideal for racing!)

Educational content by age group

Program info

  • Age: 3rd & 4th Grade Elementary School
  • Number of courses: 20
  • Duration: 90′
  • Number or students: 12

Program goal

The “STEAM World: Power-it” educational program is aimed at primary school children (3rd-4th Grade) and introduces students to the forces created by the movement of air. Through the “STEAM World: Power-it” fun activities, students are introduced for the first time to the idea that air is a substance and takes up space and, while it seems “invisible” to us, it can create power and most importantly… it can be used to transmit forces and move structures!

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