Προσχολική ηλικία

The goal of STEM Education programs is to create a new generation of people who, using data from all the sciences, in combination with each other, gain the ability to solve problems (problem solving) and participate with claims in the future digital world that is being formed. at a very fast pace. In STEM Education Programs, creation will be based on We and not on the Ego, imagination and the development of skills will create new products, the experiential understanding of the Natural Sciences will be the basis for the development of the century we are going through.
Our Educational Programs are based on the philosophy of STEM education and are developed around two pillars, that of Technology and that of Programming.


Building my world

Become a Young Scientist, create wonderful constructions and discover the world around you! The purpose of this program is to let children explore and learn through creative activities from a very young age (4 years).

Youngster Engineers

The educational program “Youngster Engineers” is designed for Kindergarten students (4 and 5 years old). Children take their first steps in the world of Science, Technology and Engineering.


Strut with the Algorithms

Preschool, Primary
STEM Education offers preschool children the opportunity to create their first algorithms!
With this new program, we wish to set a strong foundation from an early age into understanding coding concepts through experiential activities that will motivate children to love the process of learning.