The goal of STEM Education programs is to create a new generation of people who, using data from all the sciences, in combination with each other, gain the ability to solve problems (problem solving) and participate with claims in the future digital world that is being formed. at a very fast pace. In STEM Education Programs, creation will be based on We and not on the Ego, imagination and the development of skills will create new products, the experiential understanding of the Natural Sciences will be the basis for the development of the century we are going through.
Our Educational Programs are based on the philosophy of STEM education and are developed around two pillars, that of Technology and that of Programming.


Simple Machines

1st & 2nd Grade
The Simple Machines educational program is designed for primary and secondary school students and enables them to transform into young scientists.

Simple And Powered Machines

2nd 3rd Grade
The educational program “Simple And Powered Machines” is a continuation of the program “Simple Machines”. Armed with the right supplies the little engineers are ready to face any problem.

Εngineering & Coding

My first Automations

3rd, 4th grade
The program is designed to provide information and awareness to the students of the last grades of primary school regarding educational robotics and automation.

Spike Prime

Primary School, High School
LEGO® Education SPIKE ™ Prime is the all-new way to get students into STEAM and educational robotics, helping them develop their self-esteem.

Microbit Scratch Building Robots

5th, 6th Grade & High School
The educational program Educational Robotics – Micro: bit Scratch is designed for elementary and high school students, based on the STEM methodology.


The Microbit-Scratch Introduction

5th & 6th Grade & High School 
The educational program Introduction to Microbit -Scratch is designed for Primary & High School students, based on the STEM methodology.

Micro:bit Maqueen Robots (Programming and Artificial Intelligence)

6th Grade & High School
The educational program Micro: bit Maqueen Robots (Programming and artificial intelligence) is designed for students of 6th grade and high school. The program combines the popular BBC Micro: bit processor with a robotic vehicle.

Physical Sciences

Science Lab Junior

3rd, 4th, 5th Grade
The world around us and the observations, the microcosm that microscopes reveal to us, the distant world of stars that we study with telescopes.