STEM in Action!

STEM in Action!


STEM in Action! is a continuation of the “Young Engineers” program. Armed with the appropriate equipment, the small engineers are ready to deal with any problem. The right structure of a constraction, motion and mechanical advantage are now familiar topics.

The next step is to apply our knowledge, explore the energy sources and to substitute the mechanical drive with the electric motor.

Purpose of the program

The purpose of STEM in Action! is to further familiarize students with building elements and modeling techniques and engage in the design of complex mechanisms.

Program info

  • Age: 7-8 years old (sequel to Young Engineers)
  • Number of activities: 30
  • Duration of activity: 90′
  • Students per classroom: 16


Chapter 1: Simple Machines

Chapter 2: Complex mechanisms

Chapter 3: Electric power

Chapter 4: 3D movement

Chapter 5: Energy sources

Chapter 6: Open project

Interdisciplinary knowledge

  • Science: Energy transformation, Newton’s laws
  • Technology: Simple Machines, Complex mechanisms
  • Engineering: Mechanical advantage, Statics, Problem Solving
  • Mathematics: Calculations, Motives, Geometry, Ratio
Lesson tags: 3. Β Δημοτικού, 4. Γ Δημοτικού, b. Elementary, Engineering
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