Physical or Physical Engineer?

All over the developed world students from an early age need to acquire all those knowledge and skills necessary for their successful development.

  • By constructing students will explore and understand due Experiential learning
  • The Measurements what the time is, length, what do I weigh, etc ..
  • The Moves what it means to be fast, what it means to be slow, what it means to fall down
  • Forces and the balance of forces, what does friction mean
  • The Lever and how they serve the people in their lives
  • What are gears, how do I create mechanisms, the basis for machines
  • What is Electricity, what does polarity of current mean, what is a switch
  • What is an electromagnet, how do I make a motor?
  • What does pressure of gases, liquids mean that I create hydropneumatic machines
  • What does pressure mean?

For two years students will discover, understand, create, imagine and experiment, implement their own ideas.

A journey in the laws of Physics in a unique way that enables Primary school students to proceed to High School easily and with knowledge.


  • instructions on the proposed structures
  • “creative challenge” questions and exercises on constructions
  • accompanying experiments with simple materials
  • accompanying experiments with simple materialsν
  • Food For Thought

Interdisciplinary Knowledge

  • Physics: Technology, Simple Machines, Engineering, Electricity – Electromagnetism
  • Mathematics: Measurements

Program Info The two-year training program is designed for students to carry out activities in all aspects of Physics

  • Grades: 3rd, 4th, 5th Grade Primary School
  • Lessons: 24+24 Activities(two-year training program)
  • Duration: 90′
  • Number of students: 12
Lesson tags: primary school-stem-science

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