Microbit -Scratch


The educational program Introduction to Microbit -Scratch is designed for Primary & High School students, based on the STEM methodology.

Program participants will build their own computer games by combining the graphical interactive interface of MIT Scratch with one of the most well-known educational processors, the BBC micro: bit.

Through enjoyable activities they will learn to create automations and control devices and will understand the magical world of electronic sensors that are integrated into all modern devices around us.

Through the activities, children will be taught basic principles of physics and electronics that sensors use to communicate with the physical world.

Program Goals 

The aim of our courses is the global acquaintance of the participants with the technologies used by the industry nowadays in the production of the smart devices that we find more and more around us. In this way they will become the “smart engineers” that technology and science need to shape our future.

Program Info

  • Number of  courses : 4  (3each)
  • Price: 200€ (50% Discount to school teaching staff ).
Lesson tags: Adult education STEM - Coding

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