It’s very windy today!

There are numerous weather conditions in nature around us. The wind is one of the meteorological phenomena that meteorologists consider in their daily forecasts. What exactly is wind? How can wind speed be measured? Do we worry about its direction in addition to its intensity?

In this expedition, we will look at the concept of wind. How is it formed, what does the term “intensity” mean, how is its speed estimated, and what measurement devices are available? Students construct an anemometer and write software to take readings. Finally, they are able to describe what they have measured and draw valid meteorological judgements about wind intensity and direction.

Physics: measuring instrument, processing of experimental values, energy, speed of rotation, direction of rotation,
Mathematics: ratio, division, comparison of quantities.
Technology: robotic units, electronic sensors, the concept of automation.
Information technology: programming commands in a WeDo 2.0 environment.

Program Information
Class: 3rd grade
Number of lessons: 1 lesson
Duration: 90′
Number of students: the whole class

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