Detective C.S.I.


In the Detective C.S.I. students will work like modern researchers in forensic laboratories and will learn the basic principles of forensic research based mainly on the sciences of Physics, Chemistry and Biology.
They will be asked to investigate mystery cases using a combination of tools and techniques of criminology such as collection and analysis of fibers, hair, collection and identification of fingerprints, analysis of blood groups, etc.
In the course of the research, the members of the team will have to work together perfectly to collect the data and analyze it, in order to be able to solve the mystery!

Program goal

The purpose of the Detective CSI program is to familiarize children with laboratory techniques that are applicable both in forensic cases and in other areas of chemical and biological analysis. Children learn to gather data and draw conclusions. They develop skills of observation and ingenuity while at the same time enhancing their self-confidence. In this program the students themselves become detectives and solve cases utilizing their scientific knowledge.

Program info

  • Age: High school students
  • Number of courses: 10 courses
  • Duration: 90 minutes
  • Number of students: 12 students


Topic 1: What is forensic science. How to collect evidence and how to develop visual observeness.
Topic 2: Locard’s Principle. Case Ι – Who commit the murder?
Topic 3: Case ΙΙ. The artist’s brush. Part 1: Who stole the brush?
Topic 4: Case ΙΙ. The artist’s brush. Part 2: Is it original?
Topic 5: Case ΙΙΙ. The unusual fragment. Part 1: Who is the killer? Part 2: What was the murder weapon?
Topic 6: Case ΙV. The torn sleeve
Topic 7: Case V: The Fraudulent Tread
Topic 8: Chemical detection of fingerprints
Topic 9: Case VI: Robbery in school. Who is the thief;
Topic 10: Open case. Design a case and solve it with your teacherς

Interdisciplinary Knowledge

Chemistry: Chemical reactions, basic laboratory techniques
Biology: DNA, Blood composition, biological substances

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