Category 1st- 4th Grade

Length: 60 minutesComplexity: Standard

Category 1st- 4th Grade The programme for competitive robotics is designed and adapted to the requirements of the competition. Our young students learn to work in teams to create and develop their projects.

Open Category 3rd-6th Grade

Length: 60 minutesComplexity: Standard

Open Category 3rd-6th Grade The program is dedicated to the preparation of the teams for their participation in the Panhellenic competition of STEM Education in the category Open 3rd -6th Elementary.

Open High School Category

The aim of the program is to create a competitive and learning environment where students can develop their skills, have fun and be inspired by technology and creativity.

Regular Category 5th Grade – 1st Senior High


The program is dedicated to preparing children for the WROHellas competitions for the Regular Category. In it they are asked to design and program a robot that will solve a problem on a certain competition track.