Open High School Category

Competition and Objectives

The Open High School Category of Robotics Competition is an educational event that enables high school students to explore the world of robotics.

The institution is an opportunity for students to apply their knowledge to practical problems, to develop their teamwork and creativity, and gain experience in technology and engineering. Also, the competition can promote students’ interest in science, technology, engineering and innovation.

The aim is to create a competitive and learning environment where students can develop their skills, to be entertained and inspired by technology and creativity.


Preparation for the competition

Students join teams and are tasked with designing, building and programming a set of automations and robots that should perform specific missions or solve problems.

Every team to be effective must prepare and have a coach who will guide and support them. The role of the coach is critical to the team’s success as he takes on the role of facilitator and training of students in educational robotics.

With the proper preparation and guidance, the team will be ready to take on the challenge of the robotics competition with success.

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