Category 1st- 4th Grade

Panhellenic Stem competition is a major event for robotics that takes place every year and attracts a large number of students. The aim of the competition is to enable students to explore the world of STEM, develop their skills and unfold their ideas. 


The programme for competitive robotics is designed and adapted to the requirements of the competition. Our young students learn to work in teams to create and develop their projects. They start with design and then move on to construction and implementation using a set of simple machines. At the same time, they work on the construction and completion of the model. Through their systematic friction, they become familiar with the process, gain experience and critical thinking that leads them to solve potential problems faster. All this is achieved with the important contribution of the coach, who coordinates the team, encourages the students and prepares them to successfully face the challenges of the competition.

To participate in the program, previous proven experience in the program material is required.

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