STEM Education Programs

STEM Education Programs

The goal of STEM Education programs is to create a new generation of people who, using elements from all scientific fields, can acquire the ability to solve problems and prepare for the future digital world that is being formed at a very fast pace. In STEM Education, creation will be based on We and not on I, imagination and skill development will create the new products, the experiential understanding of Physics will be the basis for all developments during the 21st century.

STEM programs are based on the STEM training philosophy and are developed around four pillars, defined by the directions: Engineering, Coding, Mathematics and Science, depending on the characteristics that dominate them.

STEM Education invites you to enroll your children in any of the annual programs you choose. STEM programs complement the curriculum and are not taught at any level of the compulsory education.

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Middle School, Lyceum
Mechatronics or mechatronics is the study and construction of intelligent mechanical systems, mentions to the combination of the sciences of Mechanical Engineering, Electronics – Electrical Engineering and Informatics in the design and manufacture of products and processes.

From Electro to Transistor

Middle School
The building blocks of matter, the laws of nature, and the successive ideas of enlightened people over the centuries have created the digital world in which we live.

Advanced Training Robotics (Mindstorms EV3)

High School, Lyceum
his program provides students with advanced knowledge, introducing them to the logic of solving a problem and the methodology to be followed to complete a demanding project. It promotes teamwork and puts children in the process of self-assessment and continuous improvement.

Physics for 7th grade

1st grade High School
This course through its activities brings students in contact with the most basic concepts of physics, teaches how to measure fundamental physical quantities and the scientific methodology of experimental research.


Το πρόγραμμα Νανοτεχνολογία είναι ένα εργαστήριο σύντομης διάρκειας όπου οι μαθητές θα ανακαλύψουν έναν καινούριο κόσμο τον νάνο-κόσμο.

Detective C.S.I.

High School
In the Detective C.S.I. students will work like modern researchers in forensic laboratories and will learn the basic principles of forensic research based mainly on the sciences of Physics, Chemistry and Biology. They will be asked to investigate mystery cases using a combination of tools and techniques of criminology such as collection and analysis of fibers, hair, collection and identification of fingerprints, analysis of blood groups, etc. In the course of the research, the members of the team will have to work together perfectly to collect the data and analyze it, in order to be able to solve the mystery!

Lillipoutian Engineers

Engineering | Preschool
Lillipoutian Engineers is designed for Kindergarten students (4 and 5 years old). Children take their first steps in the world of science, technology and engineering.

Strut with the Algorithms

Coding | Preschool
With this new program, we want to set a strong foundation from an early age into understanding coding concepts through experiential activities that will give children the motivation to learn more and more.Each lesson is a different story – a challenge that motivates children to solve a problem through programming a robot. The group of students creates its own unique story, which is then illustrated in the form of a track.

Young Engineers

Engineering | Elementary
Young Engineers is designed for early primary school pupils and enables them to be transformed into small scientists. By watching the world around them, children learn to wonder what’s going on in nature, how something works or what a device does.

STEM in Action!

Engineering | Elementary
STEM in Action! is a continuation of the “Young Engineers” program. Armed with the appropriate equipment, the small engineers are ready to deal with any problem. The right structure of a constraction, motion and mechanical advantage are now familiar topics.

Introduction to Automation

Engineering | Elementary
Introduction to Automation is designed for elementary students where, through teamwork around the construction of a robotic model, children live an exciting and entertaining experience that they do not want to end!

Each construction follows a “code” that is the product of the students’ computational thinking and is realized in the digital environment of MIT Scratch 2.0. The whole creating process is done with the LEGO WEDO 2.0.

Spike Prime (January 2020)

Engineering | Elementary, High School
LEGO® Education SPIKE ™ Prime is the all-new way to get students into STEAM and educational robotics, helping them develop their self-esteem.

Students aged 11-15 build and program fun robots and smart devices! SPIKE Prime enhances the development of students’ critical thinking as well as solving complex problems through a fun process where they learn through playing.

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