From Electro to Transistor


The building blocks of matter, the laws of nature, and the successive ideas of enlightened people over the centuries have created the digital world in which we live. Through these activities of the program we will make a trip to history with the children, from the 5th century BC. to today to know the evolution and operating principles of electromagnetism and electronics.
Through this journey they will experience the course of humanity from electricity to the first incandescent lamp, from the lamp to LED and Laser lamps and from the LED lamp to modern TV and mobile screens.
They will learn how man created electricity, how he discovered the first battery and the first generator, how the generator worked with steam and fossil fuels, nuclear reactors, river water, waves and wind, and how electricity arrived in our houses.
Finally, they will understand how the discovery of the simple switch was the beginning of an evolution that led to the creation of digital logic, the creation of families of modern processors and computer systems (Intel, AMD, ARM, Raspberry, Arduino, Micro: bit) and recently came to creation of artificial intelligence systems that will dominate in the coming years.

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Starting: January 2021

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