STEAM World: Move-it


“Travel through construction in the world of Technology, Science, Mathematics and Art.”

TechCard has been created specifically for teaching Design Technology in Primary Schools and is also increasingly used to investigate key elements of the Architecture, Science and Maths curriculums. TechCard is also an ideal resource for STEAM projects and learning. The idea is to use simple materials to create working models that let children discover and investigate important principles in a hands-on way. Learning through construction, experimentation and play makes learning both fun and memorable. TechCard technology has been used in schools around the world for 20 years and has now been completely revised to make it even more relevant to today’s teaching needs.

Machines are all around us in various sizes and complexities. From pencil sharpeners to food mixers, from bicycles to motor cars. It is hard to imagine life without them! The purpose of machines is to help us do work, to make it easier to do things – from washing our cloths to digging a deep hole in the ground. Many of the most complex machines are actually combinations of what we can think of as simple mechanisms. Understanding simple mechanisms, such as wheels and axles, gears, pulleys and levers, is fundamental to understanding how the mechanical world around us works.

Exploring the simple mechanisms that are the basis of the complex machines that surround us is key to gaining an understanding of the mechanical world. Through the “STEAM World: Move-it” fun activities, children build models of familiar machines, observe and experiment with their operation and finally, find out how the model converts the forces applied to it. They look at larger, more complex machines and list how many separate mechanisms they can incorporate into them. They group the different mechanisms according to their similarities and then test them, using the appropriate model. Through constructive play they discover how simple machines are used to transmit or change the forces acting on them and learn that complex machines are nothing more than combinations of these simple machines.

  • Mechanical Hammer
  • Carousel with crank
  • Rotating Spiral Toy
  • Pull-Cord Fairground Ride
  • Crab with caliper
  • Acrobat
  • Dragster με λάστιχο
  • Pull-Cord Up & Over Fairground Ride
  • Boat with cam
  • Spacecraft with rotating antenna

Educational content by age group

Program info

  • Age:2nd & 3rd Grade Elementary School
  • Number of courses: 20
  • Duration: 90′
  • Number or students: 12

Program goal

The “STEAM World: Move-it” educational program is aimed at Elementary school children (2nd-3rd Grade) and introduces students to the exploration of simple mechanisms.

Lesson tags: primary school-stem-science

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