Constructing a hydraulic press

The term “hydraulic press” may not conjure up images of anything in particular, but suffice it to say that it is found in lifts, lifts, various lifting devices and even bus doors. So it is a mechanism that employs pumps and the compressive forces of air or water to raise big items with little force.

Students construct a lifting platform out of inexpensive materials to learn how a hydraulic press works. Students will learn how a hydraulic press works and what it can do via exciting, age-appropriate activities.

At the same time, students will gain skills as they attempt to solve problems and collaborate with one another.

Expected Learning Outcomes
At the end of the activities students will be able to:

  • They will describe how a two-syringe hydraulic system works
  • They will mention the utility of the hydraulic system and its applications
  • They will develop their creativity while building the hydraulic seesaw and hydraulic lift
  • They will develop fine motor skills and cooperation with their classmates during constructions
  • They will understand the importance of balance while lifting the platform
  • They will be encouraged to experiment with hydraulic systems

Program Information
Class: 1st – 3rd Primary
Number of lessons: 1 lesson
Duration: 90′
Number of students: the whole class

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