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How is motion transmitted? What happens when we connect more than two gears in a series? What can we achieve by changing their position? In this educational program, students will use structural materials to answer these questions and understand the concepts of Engineer, Construction, Machine, Stability, Rotation, and Motion.
Based on a unique story, the young scientists will build two different mills, and through observation and experimentation with the gears, they will discover the differences in their motion. Let’s see who will predict what will happen…

The aim of the program is for children to:
• Explore basic concepts in physics, mathematics, engineering, and technology.
• Foster skills such as observation, critical thinking, creativity, imagination,
inventiveness, and reasoning.

Program Information

  • Class: Kindergarten
  • Number of courses: 1 course
  • Duration: 90′
  • Number of students: the whole class
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