My first circuit

Have you considered how useful electricity is? How many devices in your home are compatible with it? What would you do if you lost power one day?

So, now that you’ve recognised how handy it is, let’s understand how it was made and construct our own circuit! Batteries, wiring, light bulbs, switches, and motors will be used. We’ll look at how the bulb’s brightness is influenced, where the switch is used, and what we do with the engine.

In fact, we will construct a game that will integrate optics and electricity, and we will learn how we see colours and shapes when they spin on a isk. So, in addition to the classroom activities, the kids will take a souvenir home with them! Students are encouraged to experiment with electrical circuits and discuss their findings at the end of the activity.

Expected Learning Outcomes
At the end of the activities students will be able to:

  • They will realize how many of their daily habits are related to electricity
  • They will explain the parts that make up an electrical circuit
  • They will interpret the light intensity of a lamp in relation to the number of batteries connected
  • They will describe the need for a switch in electrical circuits
  • They will be encouraged to experiment with the materials
  • They will develop their fine motor skills and creativity during the experiments
  • They will remember the colors of the visible spectrum and how they combine

Program Information
Class: 1st – 3rd Primary
Number of lessons: 1 lesson
Duration: 90′
Number of students: the whole class

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