My first Automations

Engineering & Coding

The program is designed to provide information and awareness to the students of the last grades of primary school regarding educational robotics and automation.
Students will first get acquainted with the Scratch software program, will consolidate by having fun concepts of Engineering, Physics and Mathematics. The activities that they will complete will entertain them and will show them the skills they need to acquire in order to support their future in the society of tomorrow.
The program is also ideal for sensitizing students to participate in the annual Educational Robotics Competitions. Also it learns them that the whole world is surrounded by automation

Program Information

  • Age: 3rd, 4th grade
  • Number of courses: 30
  • Duration: 90′
  • Number of students: 12 μαθητές

Program Goals 

The purpose of the program is the exciting learning of physics, technology, mathematics and engineering (S.T.E.M.), practically without theories and unnecessary terminology, and methods of analysis and problem solving. At the same time, it is possible to develop ingenuity skills, algorithmic & programming patterns and demonstrate team spirit.

Interdisciplinary Knowledge

  • Physics:Friction, Speed, Power, Laws of Engineering
  • Technology:Complex Machines, Automatic Robotic Constructions
  • Engineering:Mental Dipole – Static or Flexible Structure, Power or Speed
  • Mathematics:Complex Arithmetic Operations, Pattern Search, Algorithms & Simple Programming


Module 1η: Introduction to robots & robotic constructions, simple machines and mechanisms

Module 2η:Familiarity with the Scratch programming environment, moving constructions via motor and their remote control κίνηση κατασκευών μέσω κινητήρα και τηλεχειρισμός τους

Module 3η: Introduction to sensors and automation, choice of remote control or autonomy of robotic constructions

Module 4η: Familiarity with the use of simple algorithms in programming the autonomy of robotic structures (decisions, iterations, operators, variables)

Module 5η:Application of skills in the construction of “advanced” robotic structures

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