Lillipoutian Engineers


Have you ever wondered how the vehicles, buildings, and various objects we see and use every day were created? Behind it all is a group of different professionals such as
mechanics, architects, and civil and electrical engineers. Through interdisciplinary activities, we will take on the role of all these disciplines, build various models based on our everyday life and experiment with innovativeand multisensory materials. Children at an early age, due to lack ofexperience, cannot associate the artifacts with their construction process. They assume that everything has always been like this. Our aim, therefore, is to explore with them the process of making such objects. Through this exploration, children will discover concepts that are innovative in terms of their age group and that they do not have the opportunity to get to know in the school environment. These concepts relate to Simple Machines such as the lever, pulley, gear, center of gravity, transmission, and many more that we look forward to discovering together.

Objectives of the program

By the end of the program, students will be able to:

The purpose of the “Lilliputian Engineers” program is to introduce simple concepts of physics, mathematics, engineering and technology. Our main pursuit is to cultivate skills such as observation, imagination and ingenuity in young students.

Program Info

  • Age: Preschool
  • Number of courses: 30 
  • Duration: 60′
  • Number of students: 12 

Διαθεματικές Γνώσεις

  • Φυσική: Τριβή, Ταχύτητα, Δύναμη, Ενέργεια
  • Τεχνολογία: Απλές Μηχανές, Μετάδοση Κίνησης
  • Μηχανική: Δόμηση, Επίλυση προβλήματος, Σχεδιασμός κατασκευαστικών λύσεων
  • Μαθηματικά: Αρίθμηση, Μοτίβα, Μετρήσεις

Θεματικές Ενότητες

Ενότητα 1η: Κτίσματα

Ενότητα 2η: Φύση

Ενότητα 3η: Αέρας

Ενότητα 4η: Παιγνίδια

Ενότητα 5η: Γρανάζια

Ενότητα 6η: Απόσταση

Ενότητα 7η: Τροχοί και άξονες

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