Levers & Linkages

TechCard packages provide a simple manufacturing system specifically designed for use in schools. They consist of an easy-to-use set of mechanical elements that allow students to explore the basic simple mechanisms that form the basis of the world around them. Children can create numerous models using simple materials and components with which the principle of operation of each construction is understood. TechCard building papers are folded to form strong shapes and work in the same way as many real-world building blocks.

This educational program presents imaginative constructions easy to create, suitable for kindergarten children. The TechCard training package used is the ideal solution for exploring many key concepts from the fields of mathematics, technology and science, while enabling students to develop their imagination, cultivate fine motor skills and visual-motor coordination and playfully understand the curriculum through interdisciplinary STEM programs and activities.

With TechCard, your students can get involved in creating models and structures that reveal how the real world works. Through experiential activities the difficult concepts of the curriculum become accessible making learning unforgettable and fun.

TechCard is really green! The components of all TechCard packages are made from recycled material, wood parts are from sustainable sources and all components are recyclable.

Program Goal
The aim of this program is for pre-school and primary school teachers to know how they can create easy constructions with TechCard class packages.

Program info

  • Age: Adults
  • Number of courses: 1 
  • Program duration: 3 hours
  • Number of participants: 16
  • Cost: 30 euros

The program is certified by STEM Education.

  • Date:Date:
  • Venue:To be announced shortly
  • Start Date: To be announced shortly
  • Expiration Date:To be announced shortly

For information and registration call 2106010162 and [email protected]

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Learn how to create constructions with your students from the TechCard class package Lever & Linkages. The package contains constructions for 10 different models:

  • Boxing gloves
  • Sailing boat
  • Spooky ghost
  • Racing cars on TV
  • Passing moon
  • Hiding face
  • Grabbing hands
  • Waving flags
  • Sneaky snake/li>
  • Snapping jaw

Once students complete their construction they can take it home and continue playing.

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