Junior Engineers



In the programJunior Engineers”, students observe and reflect on the world around them: they learn how engineering constructions are built and the physical principles behind them. 

Also, using the proper programming tool for their age, they are encouraged to develop algorithmic thinking in a fun way. They develop their creativity, collaboration, and critical thinking as they create models from a variety of subject areas.

Through hands-on workshops, they understand the utility of Simple Machines (gears, pulleys, levers, etc.) and are introduced to computational thinking. At the same time, they understand the importance of science concepts, that explain how our world works.

Learning is seen as a game, through themed activities from students’ world!

Objectives of the program

By the end of the program, students will be able to:

  1. Recognize the simple machines in everyday objects,
  2. Build their own constructions that move with one or more simple machines, 
  3. Understand the basic principles in programming and compose their own codes,
  4. Work in groups and cultivate creativity, collaboration, communication and creative thinking skills.

Program Info

  • Age:1st Grade
  • Number of courses: 30 
  • Duration: 90′
  • Number of students: 12 

Θεματικές Ενότητες

Ενότητα 1η: Απλές  μηχανές

Ενότητα 2η: Ομαδικό project

Ενότητα 3η: Σύνθετοι μηχανισμοί

Ενότητα 4η: Ηλεκτρική κίνηση

Ενότητα 5η: Μηχανικός προγραμματισμός

Ενότητα 6η: Ανοιχτό project

Διαθεματικές Γνώσεις

  • Φυσική: Τριβή, Μετατροπές Ενέργειας, Ταχύτητα, Δύναμη, Νόμοι της Μηχανικής
  • Τεχνολογία: Απλές Μηχανές, Μετάδοση Κίνησης, Σύγχρονοι Μηχανισμοί
  • Μηχανική: Μηχανικό Πλεονέκτημα, Στατικότητα – Δόμηση, Problem Solving
  • Μαθηματικά: Απλές Πράξεις, Αρίθμηση, Μοτίβα, Γεωμετρία
Lesson tags: Δημοτικό STEM Alive Εngineering, Τεχνολογία
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