Introduction to Automation


Introduction to Automation is designed for elementary students where, through teamwork around the construction of a robotic model that interacts with the real world in real time, children live an exciting and entertaining experience that they do not want to end!

Each construction follows a “code” that is the product of the students’ computational thinking and is realized in the digital environment of MIT Scratch 2.0.

The whole creating process is done with the LEGO WEDO 2.0 and involves children in practical, active, teamwork, helping them to gain knowledge and linguistic skills through asking questions, looking for patterns, choosing strategies, and drawing conclusions.

Purpose of the program

The purpose of the Introduction to Automation is the fascinating learning of science, technology, engineering and mathematics(S.T.E.M.), practically without theories and unnecessary terminology, and methods of problem analysis and solving. At the same time, it is possible to develop skills of ingenuity, algorithmic & programming models and team spirit demonstration.

Program info

  • Age: 9-10 years old
  • Number of activities: 30
  • Duration of activity: 90′
  • Students per classroom: 16

Interdisciplinary knowledge

  • Science: Newton’s laws, friction, Velocity, Acceleration, Energy
  • Technology: Complex mechanisms, automated robotic models
  • Engineering: Motion, Simple Machines, Mechanical advantage
  • Mathematics: Algorithm, Fraction, Operators


Chapter 1: Introduction to Robots & Robotic Constructions, Simple Machines and Mechanisms

Chapter 2: Scratch’s programming environment, drive engine construction and remote control

Chapter 3: Introduction to sensors and automation, remote control selection or robotic construction autonomy

Chapter 4: Simple algorithms in programming the autonomy of robotic constructions (decisions, repetitions, operators, variables)

Chapter 5: Advanced robotic structures

Lesson tags: 3. Β Δημοτικού, 4. Γ Δημοτικού, b. Elementary, Engineering
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