STEM Education has developed an innovative skills enhancement program within
the framework of STEM-Educational Robotics, using the programmable BeeBot.

BeeBot is a fun and effective tool for introducing programming to preschool-age
children. They program their robots to follow specific routes, thereby
understanding the concept of sequencing and developing algorithmic thinking.
They strengthen their spatial skills through activities such as designing the
shortest route or orienting themselves on a map. Additionally, they engage in
measurements, predictions, and problem-solving, enhancing their critical
thinking and early mathematical skills.

Moreover, BeeBot, combined with thematic mats, offers a variety of teaching
scenarios! The activities are related to Mythology, the Arts, Physics, and
Mathematics. Children will participate in these activities by taking on the role of
little scientists! They will actively engage since all activities are hands-on and
based on the educational method of learning by doing. And all of this is done
through collaboration, creativity, and innovation.

The aim of the program is for children to:

• Become familiar with the use and programming of BeeBot.
• Introduce them to basic algorithmic/programming concepts such as sequence
and code in a hands-on way.
• Enhance their spatial perception and orientation, which is directly related to
mathematical thinking.
• Engage experientially with concepts from the natural sciences and the world
around us.

 Explore and use their experiences and ideas as elements of artistic creation.
• Use art in combination with other activities.
• Cultivate pre-mathematical skills through the creation of problem-solving situations.
• Familiarize themselves with the possibilities and ways of using various materials.

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