Power Engineers


3rd Grade In the Power Engineers educational program, children unleash their imagination and ingenuity! They incorporate electrical elements into their designs, experimenting with the fundamental physical concepts of energy, mass, force, and time!

Automation Engineers

4th Grade In the Automation Engineers training program, children create their first Automations as well as their first physical computing applications!

Creative Engineers

2nd Grade With the Creative Engineers educational program, children are transformed into little Engineers! They begin their journey by being introduced to the principles of programming logic for the first time (Scratch Jr). They create their first code in a playful manner and learn about algorithmic programming!

Junior Engineers


1st Grade Through the Junior Engineers educational program, children are transformed into young scientists! As Junior Engineers, children begin their journey by playing and creating their first code algorithmically, so that the "Sandwich" (Kids First Coding) can successfully carry out its mission!