Microbit Scratch Building Robots

The educational program Educational Robotics – Micro: bit Scratch is designed for elementary and high school students, based on the STEM methodology.

Participants will learn to build automation, control devices and more complex robotic devices using the Micro: bit microcontroller and various peripherals such as sensors and servos. At the same time, the basic principles of Physics that refer to the physical quantities related to their constructions will be taught. In addition, they will become familiar with the basic principles of Mathematics and Statistics that apply to the collection, processing and utilization of measurements taken from these constructions.

The constructions will be created with the educational material of the GIGO micro: bit Compatible robots series and will be programmed with Scratch.

Το micro:bit is compatible with the educational robotics competitions of WRO Hellas Primary &  High School!

What is the micro:bit;

The micro: bit platform was developed and supported by companies that are world leaders in innovative technologies.

It can be coding through the Scratch graphic interface, Microsoft MakeCode while it is also compatible with MicroPython for those who feel more familiar with programming in a terminal.

Micro: bit contents

    • Processor and shield
    • 5 × 5 LED panel for displaying messages
    • Light Sensor
    • Temperature Sensor
    • Programmable keys
    • Connection Pins
    • Micro USB connector
    • Magnetometer (compass) for measuring magnetic field
    • Accelerometer for acceleration measurement in
    • Radio and bluetooth low energy antenna for communication

Students will make autonomous mechanical constructions using the MicroBit training package. They will make 20 different educational robotic constructions using the microbit and the training package.

Program Goals 

The goal of our courses is the global acquaintance of the participants with the technologies used by the industry nowadays in the production of the smart devices that we find more and more around us. In this way they will become the “smart engineers” that technology and science need to shape our future.

Program info

  • Age: Ε & ΣΤ Primary και High School 
  • Lessons: 30 activities
  • Duration: 90
  • Number of courses: 12 studens 
Lesson tags: High school | Lyceum stem Alive Engineering-Coding ENG, primary stem Alive Engineering-Coding ENG