Micro:bit Maqueen Robots (Programming and Artificial Intelligence)


The program combines the popular BBC Micro: bit processor with a robotic vehicle.

The maqueen robotic vehicle is suitable for enjoyable activities through which the teaching of programming becomes a game.

During the program activities, the maqueen will complete items collection missions, will play football, will play games, will work with other robots to collect recycling materials, etc.

Participants will learn to program the robot, its sensors and actuators and take life-size measurements. Programming math and physics marry in a fascinating way to accomplish activities.

Participants will be taught the most modern methods of artificial intelligence and the most popular ways of using it by robots for the benefit of humans.

The program is completed with two annual cycles of activities.

Program Goals 

The purpose of the program is for students to understand programming concepts, algorithms, to get in touch with the concept of measuring physical quantities and physical changes, to use electronic technology and mathematics to draw their first scientific conclusions. Also within the program the participants will play with modern technological concepts such as Artificial Intelligence and machine learning. Students will begin to understand the sensors used in everyday devices, as well as the programming algorithms hidden behind them. After completing this program, they will be able to build small projects and even program robotic systems based on the micro: bit processor at home, they will have understood the measurements of physical sizes, while they will be ready to be introduced to more complex Physical Computing systems.

Program Info

  • Age: 6th Grade and Gymnasium
  • Number of activities: 30 lesson
  • Duration: 90
  • Students per classroom: 12 Students