Early Simple Machines

The educational program "Early Simple Machines" is designed for preschool children.
It allows them to take their first steps in exploring the principles of these disciplines.

Through engaging activities and hands-on play with age-appropriate materials,
children explore concepts, phenomena, make observations, and draw conclusions
about how the world around them works. Each activity is based on a unique story
that captures the interest of young scientists and encourages them to collaborate
and find solutions to specific problems.

The activities are accompanied by relevant audiovisual materials that allow children
to explore, reflect, experiment, and gain knowledge through interaction with the
specific materials.

The aim of the program is for children to:
• Explore basic concepts in physics, mathematics, engineering, and technology,
• Foster skills such as observation, critical thinking, creativity, imagination,
inventiveness, and reasoning.

Lesson tags: Engineering-Εργαστήρια Δεξιοτήτων