Art, Math, Science and Technology


Art, Math, Science and Technology is a path to the foundations of scientific thinking, a search for the interconnection of Science, Art and Mathematics. This takes place through activities that arise from interacting with interactive exhibits of popularization and understanding of scientific thought, as well as selected works of art.

The purpose of Art, Mathematics, Science and Technology curriculum is to develop student exploratory thinking in a context of free research and informal learning. The program works alongside the curriculum, in the direction of the common desire among all of the teachers of Didactics, “interdisciplinarity”, interconnecting Mathematics with Science, Arts and Philosophy.



  1. The world of shapes
  2. Mirrors and idols. Symmetry in nature and arts.
  3. Similarity, ratio and analogy, golden ratio.
  4. The most famous theorem in art and math.
  5.  Sounds carry the melodies.
  6. The game of light and shadows.
  7. Mirage of art, truth of geometry.
  8. Perspective. Drawing like Da Vinci and Durer.
  9. A journey to the magic of lences and spacula.
  10. The Universe and the geometry of regular polyhedrons.
  11. Luck and certainty.
  12. Playing with a “robot”.
  13. From the experience of the scales to the relationship of equality and numbers.

Program info

  • Age: Elementary, High School
  • Duration: 90
Lesson tags: 1.Preschool visits, b. Elementary visits, c. High School Visits, Α Δημοτικού Εκδρομές, Β Δημοτικού Εκδρομές, Γ Δημοτικού Εκδρομές, Δ Δημοτικού Εκδρομές, Ε Δημοτικού Εκδρομές, Λύκειο Εκδρομές, ΣΤ Δημοτικού Εκδρομές

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