High School

Spike Prime (January 2020)

Engineering | Elementary, High School
LEGO® Education SPIKE ™ Prime is the all-new way to get students into STEAM and educational robotics, helping them develop their self-esteem.

Students aged 11-15 build and program fun robots and smart devices! SPIKE Prime enhances the development of students’ critical thinking as well as solving complex problems through a fun process where they learn through playing.

Junior Engineering Academy

Engineering | High School
This program is a product of the collaboration of the non-profit organization STEM Education and the Junior Engineer Academy network. The program covers a variety of modern technology chapters, including engineering, electronics, computer science and 3D object design.

Educational Robotics

Engineering | High School
Educational Robotics is designed for high school students. Engaging in group activity, building a functionally autonomous and complex robot helps them to release their creative power and at the same time to empirically understand the concepts hidden behind Physics in an exciting way.