SPIKE Prime robotics

Got LEGO Education SPIKE Prime?
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LEGO Education SPIKE Prime is the all-new way to get students into STEAM and educational robotics, helping them develop their self-esteem.

Students aged 11-15 build and program fun robots and smart devices! SPIKE Prime enhances the development of students’ critical thinking as well as solving complex problems through a fun process where they learn through playing.

SPIKE Prime combines LEGO bricks, a powerful programmable Hub with 6 ports, programming language based on Scratch’s philosophy, and STEAM courses that will enhance self-confidence as well as students’ level of critical thinking. Activities combine construction and programming by facilitating students’ introduction to data collection and analysis and problem solving with real-world applications.

Program info

  • Age: 11-15
  • Number of activities: 10
  • Duration of activity: 60′
  • Number of students: 10

The program will be available in 3 different time zones per day, so you can choose the one that suits you best:

Zone A: 10:00-11:00
Zone B: 15:00-16:00
Zone C: 18:00-19:00
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