Lilipoutian Engineers Visits


Lilipoutian Engineers is designed for Kindergarten students. The children make their first steps in the world of science, technology and engineering. They will be divided into groups and then they will watch a video about 5 minutes on the operation of mechanisms, with reference to real machines such as the windmill.

Towards the end of the screening, there is a play-by-character discussion, and children explore concepts, phenomena and draw conclusions about the world around them. Then each team will implement a construction in the classroom. Each activity is “dressed” with a unique story that magnetizes the interest of small scientists and invites them to seek solutions to specific problems.

The constructions are made with educational material from the LEGO Education DUPLO series.


Program info

  • Age: Preschool
  • Duration: 60
Lesson tags: 1.Preschool visits

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