Introduction to electronic technology

Complexity: Easy


Secondary School The world of electronics is significantly influencing the environment in which we live. It is critical for children to understand basic electronic principles so that they have control over the technological environment around them and can make smart decisions.

STEM Robotics (SPIKE Prime)

Complexity: Easy


Secondary School In the STEM Robotics (SPIKE Prime) educational program, children deepen their knowledge of Educational Robotics! They combine colorful building blocks and block-based programming. They also build fun robots and smart devices.

Physical Computing & Python


1st Grade Students develop projects that "feel" and act in the real world. They construct robotic systems and automations using the micro:bit microcontroller. At the same time, they program in the textual programming language Python.

IoT & Modern Applications


2nd Grade The Internet of Things is already present in our lives in areas such as energy, health, cities and more. It involves the interaction of objects with each other or with the outside world using internet technologies.

Future Innovators


3rd Grade The Future Innovators program consists of a series of projects that students will implement, thus understanding genuine problems and providing innovative solutions using cutting-edge technologies. These include technologies such as 3D design and printing, cloud computing, machine vision and artificial intelligence.