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STEM in Action!

The program STEM in action! is a continuation of the “Young Engineers” program. The small engineers are ready to deal with any problem. The right structure of a structure, transmission and mechanical advantage are now familiar.

The next step is to move from mechanical drive to electrical. Thus, in this program we use electric motors and sensors, so we can program our construction and create our first Automation. The children operate with their own hands the model they have built and observe that it automatically executes the commands that serve the problem we have to solve.

For our program we use LEGO Education training materials and all activities are accompanied by specially formatted worksheets that allow the child to verify what they have learned by observing. Experiential learning offers, in a entertaining and playful way, knowledge easily perceived and urges children to approach and love the positive sciences and explore their inclination to them.

Objective of the program

The purpose of the STEM in Action! program is to further familiarize students with building elements and modeling techniques. Additionally, we are aiming for a first contact with planning and automation, always with a view to solving a specific problem.

Program Info

  • Age: 2nd & 3rd grade of primary school (continuation of Young Engineers)
  • Number of Lessons: 28 Lessons
  • Duration: 90′
  • Number of Students: 16 Students

Cross-curricular knowledge

  • Physics: Energy Conversion, Electricity, Speed, Power, Torque
  • Technology: Automation, Programming, Algorithmic Way of Thought
  • Engineering: Mechanical Advantage, Problem Solving
  • Mathematics: Simple Operations, Numbering, Patterns, Geometry


Section 1: Simple Machines

Section 2: Tools

Section 3: Motor – Electricity

Section 4: Programming Environment

Section 5: Introduction to Automations

Section 6: Sensors and Automations

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