Parallel category Football 2×2

For primary school children, the Panhellenic Educational Robotics Competition 2024 features three categories:

There are now two age groups in the open elementary category:

  • Primary 1st grades (A’-D’) “Simple machines unite the Mediterranean Sea”
  • Primary grades three through six “Mediterranean: source of life and culture”.
  • “Football 2×2” is a parallel category for students in the third and fourth grades.

Elementary is designed to help students develop their ability to actively participate in groups by taking on specific roles, become familiar with the problem-solving process, and explore hands-on engineering and algorithmic thinking concepts related to building and programming robotic structures using MIT’s free Scratch software. The competition therefore familiarises pupils with the core chapter of “simple machines,” complementing the educational objectives of the curriculum.

Parallel category Football 2×2

Primary school pupils are the target audience for 2×2 football. Two opposing alliances of two remote-controlled robots each chase a ball on a specially prepared table (soccer pitch) in this game. Each alliance’s goal is to win the game by scoring more goals than their opponents.

Read the detailed description of the challenge, rules and scoring.

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Here you can download the printable track file (PDF)

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Open category of Elementary School “2×2 Football” | 3rd – 4th grade

Tuesday 28/11 17:30

(***The number of entries equals the number of teams you wish to enter. Lately you will need to upload the parental consent form and add it to your form completed, one for each student.)