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Discover the World of Physics

A program that answers children’s everyday questions: “Why is this happening or how does that work?” In an experiential way that helps them find the answers and the best solutions to the problems they are facing.

Topics of Science, material taught at school, where each child takes the position of a scientist who observes, explores, records and draws conclusions. The program takes place using GIGO educational material and the whole process is done in a pleasant way that helps children to relate to science and discover their deeper abilities and trends.

A program for all children who have the natural curiosity about what is happening around them and need answers that they will understand and they will possess forever.

Objective of the program

The program is created for high school students. Its goal is to deal with science issues, most of which are included in the curriculum of national education, and combine experimental work in the lab with the corresponding theory provided in school, so that the students can better familiarize with basic and essential principles of Physics.

Program Info

  • Age: High School students
  • Number of Lessons: 28 Lessons
  • Duration: 90′
  • Number of Students: 16 Students

Cross-curricular knowledge

  • Physics: Friction, Energy Conversion, Velocity, Forces, Engineering Laws, Electricity, Electromagnetism, Alternative Energy Sources
  • Technology: Simple Machines, Motion Transmission, Contemporary Mechanisms
  • Engineering: Mechanical Advantage, Staticity – Builder, Problem Solving
  • Mathematics: Compound Operations, Patterns, Geometric Relations, Equations, Variables


Section 1: Mechanics (Weight and Mass, Forces and Simple Machines, Time and Distance Measurement, Friction)

Section 2: Mechanics (Inclined plane, Balance, Simple Pendulum, Motion)

Section 3: Engineering (Newton’s Laws, Periodic Movements, Circular Motion)

Section 4: Wind Energy

Section 5: Electricity (Circuits, Open – Closed Circuit – Resistor Connection Modes, Advantages – Disadvantages of Different Connection Modes)

Section 6: Electricity (Converting Electricity to Other Forms, Electric Motor to Circuit)

Section 7: Electromagnetism (Magnetic Field, “Hidden Forces”, Electromagnets, Engines and Generators)

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