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The program Young Engineers is designed for students of the first three grades of primary school and enables them to be transformed into small scientists. Always aiming to solve a particular problem, they learn to work together and make use of their skills. By constructing simple but also complicated models, small engineers learn experimentally the utility of “Simple Machines” (gears, pulleys, levers, wheels and axles) and are familiar with the operation of mechanisms they encounter in their daily environment.

The constructions are built using LEGO Education materials and all activities are accompanied by specially designed worksheets that allow the child to verify what he/she has learned by observing.

Experiential learning offers, in an entertaining and playful way, knowledge easily perceived and urges children to approach and love sciences and explore their inclinations in them.

Purpose of the program

The purpose of the “Young Engineers” program is to get acquainted with simple machines and motion, which is not taught in public education. We also aim to develop ingenuity skills in problem solving and team spirit.

Program Info

  • Age: 6-8 years old
  • Number of Lessons: 28 Lessons
  • Duration: 90′
  • Number of Students: 16 Students

Cross-curricular knowledge:

  • Physics: Friction, Energy Conversion, Velocity, Force, Laws of Mechanics 
  • Technology: Simple Machines, Motion Transmission, Contemporary Mechanisms
  • Engineering: Mechanical Advantage, Staticity – Builder, Problem Solving
  • Mathematics: Simple Operations, Numbering, Patterns, Geometry


Section 1: Gears

Section 2: Wheels and Axles

Section 3: Levers

Section 4: Pulleys

Section 5: Inclined Level

Section 6: Energy Conversions

Section 7: Machines and Mechanisms

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